It all started about 11 years ago with our first golden boy, Champ. He was our first baby and went everywhere we did. Champ has been the most incredible dog to us, his loyalty to his family coming above all else. It was him that made us fall head over heels for Golden Retrievers. As he aged, he got to the point where he did not want to eat his food anymore, hanging his head sadly when we gave him his bowl. We took him to our local vet, Pet Care Naturally, and he told us that it was most likely the dry, kibble diet that he has been on his entire life causing his issues. He stated that even the best kibble contains at least 30% starches and canines have no way of processing them. He explained how the starches manifest into many of the dog issues we see today. We decided to give it a shot and switched him over to a raw food diet. Champ immediately fell in love with his new food. Now at feeding time Champ is ecstatic to get his bowl, never missing a bite! He was back to his "fetch is life" attitude and we knew we could never go back. Needless to say, we transitioned all of our dogs to this biologically appropriate dog food. Now if we try to give our dogs kibble, they just look up at us with a face that says "what are you trying to make me eat? I'll pass on this and wait for my meat!"

For us, the difference in our animals is profound. From a shinier coat, fresh smelling breath, higher amounts of energy, healthier stools, and an overall expression that elicits happiness.. You can rest assured knowing that your new puppy has been raised on the highest quality of building blocks since conception. Investing in your pet's food is investing in their quality of life.

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