Nature's Premium Goldens

Life isn't just great, it's GOLDEN!

We breed the best quality, health tested, naturally raised AKC Golden Retrievers in California!

Our dogs are fed real foods, meat with bones, organ meats, fruits, veggies, coconut oil, and kelp in addition to traditional kibble to ensure they have what nature intended them to have. Just like humans, quality foods are the building blocks our pups need to build quality bodies! For us, the difference in our animals is profound. From a shinier coat, fresh smelling breath, higher amounts of energy, healthier stools, and an overall expression that elicits happiness. You can rest assured knowing that your new puppy has been raised on the highest quality of building blocks since conception. Investing in your pet's food, is investing in their quality of life!

Our dogs are extremely active and well-socialized on our homestead. Playing "dog tag" is one of their favorite daily activities and they also love going to the local waterhole for a swim or snuggling with our five amazing children. Our dogs are abundantly loved and make our family complete!

Our adoption fee is $2500. All puppies come with AKC registration, a go-home vet exam, dewormed, a 3-day supply of fresh food, our golden-goodie bag, raw feeding information, and a 1-year health guarantee. Buyers will make their selection in person or virtually at 8 weeks when the puppies are ready to go home. This way we are able to advise on observed personalities and temperaments of each puppy.

As a naturally rearing breeder we do not give the first round of vaccines to our puppies at 6 weeks old like a typical breeder. We like to leave this decision up to the new owner, as many people seek us out to keep their puppy unvaccinated. This would only put your puppy on a 2 week delay if you do choose to vaccinate. Please reach out if you have any questions!

To reserve your pick of the litter, we accept a $500 deposit with the remaining $2,000 due when puppy goes home with you.

Cash or Zelle are our preferred methods of payment.


Please call or text us!


ENS Training our puppies begins on day 3 of life.
What is ENS Training? Early Neurological Stimulation was first developed by the US military to improve the performance of future military dogs. The program is often referred to as the “Super Dog” Program. ENS introduces puppies to mild forms of stimulations and stressors. These stimulations can kick start their neurological system and improve their natural abilities.

Benefits of ENS include:
•Improved cardiovascular performance
•Stronger heartbeats
•Stronger adrenal glands
•Improved tolerance to stress
•Greater resistance to disease

The training consists of 5 different body handling exercises. They are done once a day from 3 days to 16 days for 3-5 seconds each. The puppy is placed in an upright position, downright position, on their back then their paws are stimulated with a Q-tip and then placed on a cool damp towel.

We are very excited to start this training with our puppies. Giving them the best start at life is our top priority.

ENS Training

FREE Transportation Assistance

For those in the Sacramento, Roseville, Fairfield, Napa, Vallejo, San Jose, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Fremont, Oakland, Santa Clara, Stockton, Citrus Heights, and areas close to this region, we offer transportation for FREE. We're located in Lewiston CA 96052, just 3 hours North of Sacramento.

Our Pups Making Positive Impacts

We are proud to partner with multiple service animal trainers and couldn't be more grateful that many of our pups go on to make significant impacts to those in need đź’›